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VETA is a non-profit society
for Safety Research
by Traffic Professionals

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Dec. 21, 1996:

The Swedish acronym
Vetenskap och
Erfarenhet i
VETA means
Science and
Experience in
Traffic safety

Accidents are unintentional like diseases.
Prevent them accordingly!


In the Swedish VETA research society we support drivers
by providing knowledge on specific hazards
rather than blame for speeding or bad driving in general

Traffic safety development like in medical research & health care

During the last century, it has become self-evident that scientific Research and Development in medicine should be carried out by professional practitioners. In November 1993, a non-profit society was established in Sweden with the same objective for traffic safety R&D.

VETA is a forum with seminars and activities open to anybody who wants to contribute (not only members). Relevant problems and effective solutions are often discovered when scientific guidance is given to research interested police officers (many seminars have been arranged at the National Swedish Police College, PHS), driving teachers, vehicle and tyre engineers, many other traffic professionals, or just experienced drivers.

Several R&D projects have been initiated by VETA, resulting in grants to our members of some million Swedish crowns (1million SEK = 150 000 US dollars) the first two years since November 1993, when VETA was founded at the National Swedish Police College. VETA has not charged any percentage of these funds to the society itself.

We have no hardware and no employees, so far. We want to avoid turning into another 'institute', where full-time researchers become isolated from everyday traffic experience. We also strive for in(ter)dependence by asking many and different companies for financial contributions to specific projects or objectives.

Interdependent information
and practitioners' knowledge on traffic safety

Very few web-sites may be found today with truly interdependent traffic safety information. The Internet services by NHTSA seem unique. Still, I believe that not even governmental organisations (such as the VTI, which was my former workplace) have access to research interested traffic practitioners from trade and industry.

In many countries, these experts are met with suspiciousness and their knowledge is neglected due to their affiliation.

See page 343 in publication ISBN 0 947719 54 7 (26th ISATA proceedings, 1993). Parts of the paper may be posted on the web in due course (check out the VETA Homepage or come back here for a link). If you have experienced such problems or if you expect reprisals against yourself, you may report (anonymously if you like) to VETA ombudsman.

Upon request, any member of VETA may be anonymous to non-members. The list of members is distributed to other members only.
On the other hand, members who like it, may have their Email and personal data posted on a forthcoming VETA webpage, when the webmaster's time allows.

Want to join us in VETA as a personal member? ...
... making YOUR experience and knowledge accessible to scientific research - and vice versa!

Sponsors and Corporate Members

The Corporate Members of VETA provide unconditional support with their annual fee SEK 4000, which give them the same rights and favours as one (1) personal member. However, they may switch representative from time to time at their own choice.
According to a VETA Board decision in June 1996, a corporate member will be offered space for a separate webpage at the VETA site (space limits and requirements are being discussed).

Are you interested in being a Sponsor of VETA activities or would you like to join us as a Corporate Member?
Then, you should contact somebody in the VETA Board.

Email links to members of the VETA Board (myself, Lennart Strandberg, Chairman of VETA) (Rune Gustavsson, Treasurer of VETA) (Jan-Evert Johansson, Secretary of VETA)

Webpage opened in December 1995. To VETA own website in June 1996.


Best Wishes from Sweden and Lennart Strandberg
Charter Chairman of the non-profit VETA society
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