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VETA is a non-profit society for safety research by traffic professionals.
The Swedish acronym means Science and Experience in Traffic safety Work.

Let us show decision-makers your experience and knowledge!

For a long time traffic safety research has been controlled and conducted by full-time governmental or academic employees (like
myself until last year).

No blame on my intelligent, ambitious friends and former colleagues,
but practical experience is not required from the individual researcher in this non-industrial system.

Does that ignorance of practise explain why ...

Some of us in VETA have racing driver experience and a lot of accident avoidance manoeuvres in our memories. One I heard of recently was when Janne Zetterlund from Ornskoldsvik met two skidding cars hooked to each other and covering the whole lane. Janne saved their lives without any damage at all.
How? You may read about that later in SAFER, when Janne has submitted his report to the SAFER E-mailbox.

Some years ago I had a similar experience, and many of us have numerous less dramatic incidents, which may form a pattern, useful in driver education.

In a recent VETA project, the gathering in seminars of Swedish driving teachers revealed such patterns very clearly. However, that dealt with non-licensed Learners. The driving schools have professional methods, indeed, to allow for Learner mistakes and still protecting them from damage and injuries.

Now we want to proceed from Learners to ordinary drivers and find out for them how the most experienced drivers act, when a fellow road user has got lost.

As a first step, we kindly ask for your Email description to on your accident avoidance experience. No particular structure is required now. If and when the response is sufficient, we will approach potential sponsors and hopefully return to the respondents with both funds and more specific plans.

As soon as my time allows, I will prepare a form for structured reporting (which may be anonymous, if you like) via VETA ombudsman

If you understand Swedish, a form is already available at GeoCities server in the U.S.
Check in later to find a link to forthcoming forms in English, which will be posted at the VETA Homepage


Best Wishes from Sweden and Lennart Strandberg
Charter Chairman of the non-profit VETA society

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